4 stars out of 20 reviews

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12 Apr 2023 at 17:08 Lekker pa
2 Jul 2022 at 23:36 Eten was niet lekker, volgende keer bestel ik ergens anders
2 May 2022 at 20:22 Unfortunately, I was dissapointed. The sushi was not good, as the fish was not fresh anymore. Honestly made me want to puke. They should really be more careful with foods generally. As seen in the other reviews!
22 Apr 2022 at 23:35 smelly noodles and the chicken dish was really bad. It felt like a very old chicken, just microwaved and sent. The delivery guy was given the wrong address so we waited about two hours for the food to arrive. Never ordering here again!
9 Apr 2022 at 12:41 Krokante tofu is helemaal niet krokant.
24 Mar 2022 at 21:35 Helaas was de pokebowl voor 90% met rijst gevuld. En de chili knoflook noedels zogenaamd overladen met seizoensgroenten zat voor 90% vol met noedels. In beide gevallen nauwelijks groenten gezien.
8 Feb 2022 at 22:06 Super lekkere sushi, toen het aan kwam was alles nog lekker warm en vers. Een super leuk en lief briefje erbij! Ik raad deze Asian grill & sushi bar echt heel erg aan!!
15 Jan 2022 at 18:03 Best veggie pokebowl i've had in a while! You really get your moneys' worth, i have half the bowl leftover for tomorrow as the portion was too big for me. Even got a handwritten note wishing us a good meal, lovely!
13 Jan 2022 at 9:19 the food was really good i loved it , looking forward to eat at the restaurant when its open!
30 Sep 2021 at 22:29 This burger was one of the best burgers I have eaten in amsterdam. The patty was very crispy on the outside and soft and delicious on the inside. The entire meal was very flavorful and filling, highly recommended!
28 Sep 2021 at 18:36 De boterkip was heerlijk en zo rijk van smaak. Alleen al de gedachte eraan maakt me hongerig. Het eten was snel gemaakt en ik ga hier zeker nog een keer eten
24 Sep 2021 at 17:53 Eten was te koud en niet lekker